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Personalised Wall Art


Wall art has never been more popular thanks to its low price, ease of application and removal, and stylish, striking appearance. Here you can create your own wall stickers using a variety of colours, fonts and sizes of text right on the screen using our online designer.

These wall stickers look great everywhere. Whether its the lounge, bedroom, kitchen, office or even bathroom, wall stickers are a great addition to any room. Please note these are vinyl stickers intended for indoor use only.

As well as offering a blank template for you to specify any text of your choice, a number of ready-made templates are available - simply add your name or wording to the template and you are done - no need for any fancy design skills!

Your wall stickers will arrive with an adhesive backing which needs to be removed before applying to the wall or other surface. Be sure to apply the sticker firmly, particularly on the characters themselves. Then slowly and carefully remove the film. Keep the film against the wall at 180 degrees and pull it carefully away. If any of the characters look as if they are going to come away from the wall, gently push them towards the wall as you remove the film, to help them stick.

These are easy to remove and shouldn't leave any trace on the wall, however be sure to remove them slowly are carefully.